flash fiction friday #55

May 16, 2015 — 1 Comment

The problem with flowers is they usually trigger the dreams. Dreaming has become a bit of a problem for me. I began having a series of successively weirder dreams, that prompted me to visit a doctor. Somehow that seemed to make things worse. I started experiencing displacements of time and locations. So I stopped seeing the doctor and it felt like the dreams stopped except when I saw flowers.

With the flowers the displacements were of greater durations and occasionally I would find myself in strange locations, half or sometimes completely naked, bruised and bloody. Disoriented I would start looking around for some clue as to my whereabouts and invariably there would usually be a floral arrangement, and suddenly I would then be back at work or in my apartment watching a screen. Clearly I had to be dreaming.

The last time I saw flowers I happened to be at work. Someone’s partner screwed something up so they sent an ugly, giant, please forgive me, bouquet. I felt somewhat relieved that I didn’t slip into a fugue state at work. My relief lasted as long as it took me to realized that walls in the office were a different color and I had no idea who any of the people gathered around the water cooler were.

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