Flash Fiction Friday #56

May 25, 2015 — 1 Comment

After the incident at work with the flowers I returned to the doctor. He asked me to stay overnight at a special facility. At this point I was no longer sure of my own sanity, I would have agreed to electro-shock therapy if it would help.

At the facility, I was shown to an austere room containing only a bed. Everyone at the facility tried to put me at ease but I kept feeling like I’d met all of the before, their voices and faces were so familiar. Finally after my millionth have I met you before to a nurse, she asked me to lay down in the bed as another nurse appeared through a door I had not noticed on the right wall of the room. Together they me strapped to the bed and started attaching electrodes to my temples. Once I was completely immobilized, the nurse asked me to open my eyes and look at the cards she was going to show me and state the first thing that came to mind.

Something was wrong. All the cards were blank until there were only two left and then there was a bouquet of flowers.

My usual workday monotony got broken up with a delivery of flowers. Someone’s partner screwed something up so they sent an ugly, giant, please forgive me, bouquet. I felt somewhat relieved that I didn’t slip into a fugue state at work.

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