Friday Flash Fiction #43

December 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

Before the fall of the snake oil empire I could sit down and write missives. It came easily, angry screeds, thoughtful columns. Like Hallmark, I could write something on command for every occasion. It was easy to work up the necessary vitriol, the corruption, the petty and no so petty larceny, the cronyism, the leadership caricatures, the greed and the excess. The targets were large and obvious the words came unbidden. Those were the days. with a phenomenal lack of effort I wax rhapsodic about the slightest hint of malfeasance, the latest scandal. Maybe that was the problem, it was too easy. Maybe I should have been paying attention.  I was so caught up in the obvious that I missed the tiny machinations.

In retrospect, the plan was subtle. Well subtle-ish, ensure every bribe, every sexual dalliance, every bloated project, were all conveniently leaked. I thought I was so clever penning exposés and calling them out on their stupidity and greed. The light I thought I was casting on their misdeeds was simply making larger shadows for the rest of them to hide in. Then like a thief in the night, the empire was gone and in it’s place something far more dangerous and insidious. I’m sure the corruption is still here but the new empire is not only more discreet but less forgiving of its critics. Now all I can do is still quietly in the dark and lament how easily I was blinded to real truth by my ego.

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  1. dark. i like dark…
    yay for writing again!
    walk good.

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