red assed baboons

January 16, 2012 — 1 Comment

After close to a decade of disenfranchisement, I have the opportunity to vote in the 2012 US Presidential election and by my thinking my choices are severely limited.

Even when I lived in Trinidad I found it difficult to vote along party lines and in the last elections I had a chance to participate in, I ‘wasted’ my ballot with none of the above pencilled in. I long for a representative system that pays more than lip service to representation. I remember reading about a prefecture somewhere that appointed representatives in a jury duty type system – you get called up, you serve for two years, at the end of the term there is someone new. limited opportunities to get entrenched and greedy.

In what is fundamentally a two party system, both sides have become entrenched and greedy. I’ve observed previously that in order to get elected nationally you require a vast amount of money and in order to get that money you’re going to have to start compromising. Either in the beginning by whose money you accept or once the election is over, what is owed to your major contributors.

Currently the Republican party is attempting to find a candidate that they believe can beat Barrack Obama. Looking at the candidates that remain I’m yet to find one that appeals to my values as a voter or doesn’t completely scare me with their beliefs.

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