sex and sensuality

November 14, 2008 — Leave a comment

this was something i wrote 5 years ago, it still holds so true.

sex has become a commodity and seems to be daily losing it`s value.

sex is being used to sell everything, slowly we`re becoming more and more inured. what were once alternative lifestyles have become mainstream. i have no issues with this. i live for the day when my gay/bi/whatever friends can walk the streets without fear of repercussions.

what i resent is them becoming a tool for marketing and advertising companies. i resent being branded or compartmentalised.

let`s take the whole `metrosexual` thing, i`m a man confident in my own sexuality, that takes care of my body, am able to cook a meal of more than one course and i have a sense of style and some hack sat down in a room and thought how can i capture this market. aha, let`s brand them, put them in a nice little niche. i don`t think so.

i am me. i don`t need someone to tell me who i am and what`s sexy. and sadly for that very same reason there is very little that is truly sexy or maybe i`m just too cynical.

i enjoy sensuality, particularly for the reason that it plays on all your senses. the feel of fruit in your hands, the taste of a good meal, the smell of the sea. it`s not  just about breasts and asses and cocks and cunts.

sensuality begins in the mind.

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