heart of stone

September 2, 2005 — Leave a comment

i`m sorry there are people in New Orleans suffering, i`m sorry there are stupid people doing stupid shit in New Orleans, i`m sorry New Orleans is underwater but i`m not moved to do anything. call me cynical, called me mean, call me anything you want to but it`s not going to change anything.

maybe it`s because i`m from the Caribbean and one island or another goes through this same thing every year without the kind of behaviour. Haiti has been hit every hurricane season for the last five, or maybe it was the footage of the pre-Katrina evacuations, where the upper and middle class population of New Orleans cut and ran. look at the pictures now, it`s the poor and the infirm. the people without. and it`s not over for them yet.

these people got fucked by Katrina, they`re getting fucked by their government and by the time this all over, they`re going to bleeding from every orifice, because they`re going to get fucked over again, one way or another.

there is a biblical saying about removing beam from your own eye before you remove the mote from your neighbour`s. when is the aid and succor that is so quick to get sent elsewhere? where are all the people that raced halfway around the world to `assist` after the tsunami? this is not a backwater third world country, this is your own backyard. how hard can it be to get stuff there?

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