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i`m trying to keep my head up, i really am, but it`s really difficult. i`m going to get fired, it`s not paranoia when your boss is advertising your job. the retail job is fun and everything but pays half the hourly rate of what i`m making now.

i`m sending out resumes and not even getting rejection letters. that`s particularly demoralising, i`m not even good enough to respond to? the possible project that the placement firm liked me for is on hold so that`s out. although the woman at the placement firm is doing the best she can. she`s got me a possible supplemental job and she`s saying they can get me a number of temp positions based on my skill sets.

the $1,000,000 questions or in this case the $x an hour questions are — will it match or exceed what i`m making now, can i temp 40 hours a week and should i resign before i`m fired?

this is difficult. there was a fairly momentous announcement from Steve Jobs yesterday and i`d really like to throw my 2¢ in the ring, but i can`t. one of the things i agreed to when i took this job was not discuss the company in a public forum.

i`m going to say what i can; yesterday, Apple announced that they were going to switch to Intel processors starting 2006 with a complete transition by 2007, there`s been a lot of commentary in a number of places, a lot of people feel betrayed but honestly i think this is for the best. this is not the official word from on high, i just think it`s a step in a new and interesting direction. it`s thinking different taken to an incredibly logical extreme.

and that`s all i can say about that.


a fairly reasonable article on the whole situation.

i was trying to find official photos of the store opening on saturday but thus far; zip. i did however find a flickr gallery of one of the many that stood in the line this weekend.

the rest of the photos are here

edit [6/12]

i`ve found has a two part video of the opening here and here.

i came, i saw, i kicked ass, i took names and my feet are killing me.

today was the grand opening of our store. after 46 hours of training, i was unleashed on an unsuspecting public; i was polite, i was helpful and apparently people liked me. go figure.

i have to say my first foray into the retail experience was not as bad as i expected. considering that over the course of the day i think at least 3000 people came through the doors of the store. we had 1000 tshirts to give away and they were gone in two hours and there wasn`t a let up until about and hour before i left.

and i`m back in the fray for a full day again tomorrow, aching feet and all.

i am a better person because of my wife. hence this week is incredible difficult for me. there are only two more days before she`s back from the trip, but i`m having trouble sleeping and i`m irritable.

i haven`t heard a peep about any of the jobs i`ve applied to and i think i can across an ad for my job and my boss is interviewing people. in normal circumstances, that would mean; cool, some help. but she`s cut back one person`s hours, i know i`m going to get fired. i`d really just like the opportunity to do leave before it happens.

i`ve been playing nice but it`s wearing thin, especially with vic not here. she`s an incredibly nice and kind person, i just try for her sake and without her here for temperance, i don`t know if i can keep up the facade. i have to because there is no money tree and the little that i do make keeps us fed and sheltered.