do you know where you’re going to?

June 1, 2005

i am a better person because of my wife. hence this week is incredible difficult for me. there are only two more days before she`s back from the trip, but i`m having trouble sleeping and i`m irritable.

i haven`t heard a peep about any of the jobs i`ve applied to and i think i can across an ad for my job and my boss is interviewing people. in normal circumstances, that would mean; cool, some help. but she`s cut back one person`s hours, i know i`m going to get fired. i`d really just like the opportunity to do leave before it happens.

i`ve been playing nice but it`s wearing thin, especially with vic not here. she`s an incredibly nice and kind person, i just try for her sake and without her here for temperance, i don`t know if i can keep up the facade. i have to because there is no money tree and the little that i do make keeps us fed and sheltered.