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October 14, 2004 — Leave a comment

i have gotten slammed by Google bots today, it`s insane, i`ve had more of them thus far this morning that i had in actual visitors yesterday.

we missed the debates last night, because it was family night and we were watching a movie; well that is our excuse and we`re sticking to that; but we really didn`t want to see it.

i`m pretty much at the point  when i want it to be over now. for me this is  torture and cause for revolution; taxation without representation. i pay taxes but i have no voice, i can`t vote, my demographic has no lobbyists, but there are tax exempt organisations dictating national policy. there is no way in hell that can be right.

here`s an observation i`ve made; i`ve noticed that people with Bush/Cheney  and W `04 stickers drive with more disregard for other drivers than people with Kerry stickers or no stickers at all. in my spin that indicates that Bush/Cheney supporters are reckless, arrogant and self-centred but that`s what spin is, one person`s interpretation of the presented facts.

people that are voting need to get off the spin cycle and start making factual decisions based on all the available information and no on someone else`s opinion. and you need to follow my advice because my opinion is right.

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