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February 2, 2004 — Leave a comment

well it`s been a long day, i spent almost thirteen hours in the office today, i`ve been pulling clipping paths on images all day and that`s just to magic a foreground image onto a background. i haven`t even started to do the necessary work for the completion of the advertising. but i am making progress.

on more than one front too.

my fedex package is safely in hand in trinidad and should be ready by tomorrow evening or wednesday morning, meaning i should have it back in time to take with me to barbados. i also got my ticket. so i can go and come back, thanks to the generosity of a friend and i have somewhere to stay, thanks to the generosity of another friend. so all appears to be on schedule for my appearance in the embassy on monday.

i`m noticing for the first time in my life, immediate price increases, the dollar is holding steady here in jamaica but the price of fuel has gone up about $2 or $3 a litre since i`ve been here and in the last two weeks, almost everything i eat has since i price increase. this is a new experience for me, gasoline prices in trinidad are fixed and even when i was in florida where pump prices fluctuated, there was no immediate price change in goods.

i`m wondering if this gouging on the part of retailers of if there is an actual relation. i find it odd that taxi fares remain the same but the price of food has stared climbing.

in trinidad, after the last budget there was if i recall correctly a 20% price increase in fuel which was viciously transferred onto commuters by as much as 200%  price increase in taxi fare in some cases and 50% in the most reasonable of cases. in this scenario, it`s nothing more than price gouging as everyone used the rising transportation cost to line their own pockets. trinidad has some of the lowest transportation costs anywhere on the planet and 20% increase in the price of fuels wasn`t going to hurt anyone`s profit margins.

i`m still familiarising myself with this economy and the more i see of it, i wonder how the majority of the populace gets by.

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