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February 21, 2004 — Leave a comment

it`s carnival weekend in trinidad and i`m nowhere near it.

i think i miss the principle of it. yes, there have been carnivals where i did absolutely nothing and carnivals for 7 days of non-stop feteing but i don`t even have the choice.

i was in bed and asleep by 9:30 on a carnival friday, what the hell is world coming too. in a week i`ll be on a plane on my way to trinidad, time seems to just be whizzing along.

i have so much stuff to pack into what is realistically two days in trinidad. i land at 7pm or as close to it as flight delays will allow and unlike my usual airport runs, i have luggage, meaning no zipping through customs with just my knapsacks, so with luck i should be out of there by 8pm. all my friends will probably be tuckered out and broke after after carnival as well.

but this trip isn`t about friends, it`s about family. i get to see my children, my mother, my grandmother and give them some love. the time is also fortuitous for another reason, next monday is my older daughter`s birthday and i`ll be there for it, which i`m sure will fill her with great joy.

i purportedly came into the office to do some work, but it`s raining and i`m sleepy, so i`m just going to use the opportunity to suck up bandwidth, catch up on the journals and  download some stuff until the rain stops.

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