white noise and sparkles

February 20, 2004 — Leave a comment

i can`t function in silence. at work i have my collection of music, these days i`m sharing ie my headphones remain in my desk drawer and the rest of the department gets to share in some of my eclectic tastes.

at home, well what was my home until last saturday, i had the laptop connect to the speakers and as soon as i got in i`d pick something to listen to while i unwound, didn`t really matter, it was part of my collection so i must enjoy listening to it.

honestly, i hate the tinny sound of the speakers on the laptop and since the speakers are already packed away i automatically switch on the television. it`s not about what`s on it`s background noise. that doesn`t mean there are things on tv that wont catch my attention while i`m sitting at the computer, but they tend to be commercials, if only for the execution and style. this is my field.

there are things i like to watch and channels that the television stays on, like comedy central. i`ll be the first to admit that there is a lot of shit on comedy central but they still have some of the most innovative and entertaining programming on tv; south park, insomniac, chapelle show, the daily show. plus the reruns of snl and sports night far outweigh the man show.

at the old apartment the television only came on for me to watch my regulars, kids wb on a saturday, alias on a sunday, gilmore girls on a tuesday, smallville, angel, south park and chapelle show on a wednesday and er on a thursday when i remember.

these days the television is on all the time, a virtual sea of white noise. and in the sea of white noise that is television these are the sparkles and on wednesday night the light was almost blinding. i am speaking about angel, it sad to see the series get cancelled, i was just really getting into it; trying to catch the back episodes on tnt when i could.

wednesday night`s show featured angel as a puppet. i have not laughed so much in a long time. i`ve said this before, i enjoy well written television  and from concept to execution, angel was tv at it`s best. i think there is a rerun on tnt on tuesday night at 11pm. check it out.

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