weapons of breast distraction

February 4, 2004 — Leave a comment

ok, it was uncovered, pierced, brown nipple and if you or your children missed it the first couple of nano-seconds it was on screen, the furore that`s been created around is all but guaranteed that people are going to seek it out now. and based on the bandwidth exceeded messages on servers hosting pictures and clips, people are seeking it out in droves.

why is it such a big deal? because it was the superbowl? give me a fucking chance. the superbowl is nothing more that sanctioned, modern day gladiatorial combat. oh right, violence is ok for the children but sexuality isn`t. my bad. and the droves of scantily clad cheerleaders are obviously on a higher moral plane, please excuse me. this letter just about sums up exactly how hypocritical the stance of the nfl, in particular, is.

i can`t believe how quickly and willing mislead people are. what am i saying? the only reason i was watching the superbowl is because it`s the holy grail of the advertising industry. the year`s best and brightest are supposed to be showcased. it was sadly lacking. but besides the point, it`s an opportunity to sell to gullible masses. it`s just another batch of products.

from the makers of britney, pixelated nipples and down shirt camera shots comes a new take on an old product… hypocrisy and morality. get yours in today in two sizes, sound bite and media overkill.

here`s an idea, maybe one of the myriad male enhancement companies that advertised during the superbowl should actually buy the rights to the clip because it seems to have gotten a rise of out of doddering old men and isn`t that what they`re all about?

the whole furore over this is completely ridiculous, i have children and i can say honestly that they`ve probably caught longer glimpses of their mother`s breasts on the way in or out of the bathroom. granted they aren`t pierced. i`m sure as hell they`re familiar with what they are. the questions are that i`m sure  that are being asked now by many a child and will remain unanswered is, why is everyone making such a big fuss?

oh right. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, there is nothing going on over here. absolutely nothing else going on.

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