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February 1, 2004 — Leave a comment

it`s sunday, early afternoon and i`m in the office, i`ve been here almost since early this morning.

so since it`s sunday and i should be working i`m going to make this brief. it really is only two links.

the first of which is apple`s giant fuck you to the RIAA. steve seems to be on a roll this week, first it`s disney over pixar and now this, brought a smile to my face.

and lastly, thank you mefi once again for bringing side splitting laughter into my life. i present to you Uncle Patrick`s advice to children containing such gems as:

The rash won’t go away on its own.

Wear the condom. No, for the love of Pete, not the mint-flavored one. Jesus, that thing burns.

You can whoop those two guys easy enough. But what if they come back with a friend who’’s big enough to lift you off the ground and pin you to the wall with one hand? What then, slugger? (You’re going to feel like a fucking idiot, that’’s what.)

Sure, she’’s good-lookin’. She’s also crazy. Crazy as a shithouse rat. Run for your life.

When it comes time to pick out that first tattoo, remember: it doesn’t matter how much you like that one comic book. There’s always a chance that eight years later someone will make a movie of it that stars Sylvester Stallone. And you’ll be fucked.

yes i have a sick sense of humour, but it`s sunday and i have to work.

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