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February 1, 2004 — Leave a comment

there is an adage that i find very interesting, there are three sides to every story, each party`s side and the truth.

i posted a link to the NYT story about child porn and how much it upset me, i edited it later with some interesting questions that were being asked of the story [i don`t feeling like linking inside the blog, just look for it, it was within the last week].

there have been further developments and it`s gotten nasty, this link [january 31 entry], comprehensively covers the developments of the past week.

i posted the story at face value and i can`t say that it didn`t touch me, but in light of the  questions raised, i find myself pondering how much was written to do just that. i`m not saying none of this exists, but to what extent was it over-exaggerated to garner sympathy and righteous indignation.

it saddens me as a media practitioner, notice i didn`t say journalist, how manipulative our industry has become, as with everything else it`s about the bottom line. it`s about what sells.

does it say something about me being in two fields that exist solely to manipulate the way people think?

edit: link fixed.

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