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and it being me, i could not  have arrive here [barbados for those of you who came in late] without some drama. i left home early got to the airport on time but getting out of the car, as i turned from taking my bag out, i experienced a pain heretofore unheard of. it`s a lancing pain at the base of my spine and if i sit still for too long i have trouble rising again.

i manage to teeter to the check-in desk like some prematurely old man, relying on all the exercises i developed to deal with the pain of getting inked, they worked, just barely. i struggled aboard the plane, sat through most of the flight, pulling myself up when needs be. i`ve figured out the posture that causes me the least pain by now, it`s mostly just hunched over.

but aside from the paroxysms of pain, it`s been quite uneventful, i didn`t get much shit at either the immigration or customs desk and divagirl was outside to meet me, i`m staying at her apt, in the company of her two cats who are sitting next to me as i type this. there`s no phone line, but i have a bed, a shower and a kitchen, i am content.

there have been noises about a soiree tonight, but unless something spectacular happens with my back, i`m not sure how up to that i am.

making great use of the technology at hand, i have a couple books i can get through over the next two days, both text and audio and i have my trust firewire drive ensuring i have a diverse range of music at my fingertips.

sunday afternoon update

i did go out eventually last night, had a blast, got home at some ungodly hour and slept most of the day away, my back still hurts but not as much as yesterday allowing my pain management techniques to actually be more effective.

tomorrow morning i`m off to the embassy, should be fun right?

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