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January 29, 2004 — Leave a comment

two more photo shoots wrapped. i can expect delivery of my cds in the morning with my images at the 7am call. i should go to be early tonight, stayed up until 2 am talking to vic, planning and trying to figure out what we`re going to do.

i managed to get everything i needed to done for plan to be at least marginally successful. i got fingerprinted, got it fedexed to trinidad. hopefully i`ll get it back by next wednesday.

now i just need to work out how i`m paying for my ticket. today was a lot better. even though we were shooting small children. the old adage never work with animals and small children, i think is even more applicable in an advertising environment.

we were working with a five year old this morning and managed to get her co-operative for about an hour at which point she declared she was bored and didn`t want to do anymore. a little coaxing and we got a few more images that were useful.

this afternoon we had the pleasure of a three year old boy, he was cute but he`d missed his afternoon nap and was in no mood to play nice after 45 minutes. we figure we can photoshop together what we need from the images we have.

it`s always so entertaining to see the finished product. all the retouching, all the touch ups, a nip here, a tuck there. this is why i said the first matrix is advertising. nothing you see is real, it is all an illusion.

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