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January 9, 2004 — Leave a comment

caribbean zen. when i was a child my mother used to tell me what is for me, can`t be unfor me and for years i puzzled over that.

age brings wisdom and the older i get the calmer i get. hard to believe based on some of my outbursts here, but i`ve calmed down significantly. it`s easier for me to step back, take a breath and find a new direction towards my goal.

at the beginning of the year, i told vic that i sensed it would be a good year for us and we`re progressing, i guess this our time, i was reading vic`s post last night and i shouldn`t be surprised how in tune we are.

neither of us is expecting perfection, there is going to be some adjustment, there are going to be challenges, we`re not going to be shiny, happy people everyday. and i can live with that, we can live with that. that`s what being a couple is about facing your challenges together, support for each other and not going to bed angry.

we`ve gotten this far, through all manner of trials, the next steps, we`ll have each other and that`s all we`re asking for.

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