veni, vidi, bibi

January 2, 2004 — Leave a comment

i managed to ring in the new year soundly in my bed, i attempted to make up for that last night at a lavish bash thrown by the ubquitous frenchmen.

apparently, the frenchmen are; to jamaican, upper middle and upper class citizenry, recalcitrant trinis and everyone who thinks they`ve arrived; the same class of fete promoters as island people.

i realised what i was in for on the shuttles to the venue, i had to ask my companions if the accent came with the price of the ticket. i had not heard so many freshwater accents in one place since, hmmmm, since i was passing through the airport in trinidad on christmas eve.

we arrived inside the venue and my disappointment multiplied. the problem with all inclusive parties is that the never are. and when you`re charging enough to feed a frugal family of three, you don`t expect to go to a bar and hear, well we don`t have that sir. wrong, wrong, wrong.

there was no jack, there was no southern comfort, i don`t drink rum, i don`t drink vodka unless i`m mixing it, gin makes me ill. hmmm that leaves me with wine and beer. i have wine at home and if i wanted to drink beer, i could have found a pub somewhere.

but wait, there is a bright spot on the horizon, what do i spy with my little eye? tequila. and this party certainly needed it.

i saw a bunch of people that wouldn`t acknowledge me in trinidad, but we`re all abroad, so we`re brethren. you know what FUCK YOU! it sounds bad, but i really cannot abide the trinis who insist on congregating and being uber-patriots yet can`t be bothered to go home other than carnival time. the ones with the carib or national flag tattoos now, who fled when things got hard and only return because the exchange rate favours them and allows them to, at least for a moment, pretend they not ketchin` ass just like the rest of us.

but i digress.

i drank tequila, chased it with beer, sampled the food, which was divine. i`ve been bitching and moaning about this party, but two things were good, the food and the company. i went with two people from the office who`s heads are squarely on their shoulders and we laughed our asses off.

the music wasn`t bad, it covered a lot of ground and i think any good dj should be able to traverse five decades of music over the course of a night without repeating any music. i swear i think he played the same 70s set during the night.

all in all, i had a good night. i got inerbirated, but not to the point when i wasn`t in control of my faculties, i ate, i danced a little, i had fun. and the best part is, no hangover.

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