too bourgeoisie?

January 15, 2004 — Leave a comment

too fucking bourgeoisie?

what the fuck? i have to laugh, in what i can only call a back handed compliment the client said my work was basically too upmarket looking.

“it would be more at home in a UK paper” all i could do is smile politely, but in the back of my mind, you asked for upmarket and elegant, that`s what you got. sigh. but the concept is sound. so it`s back to drawing board.

plus there was all this alpha male behaviour from one of the managers, i offered to help on this would make four occasions, this time he refused outright, we`ll see how that goes.

my apartment is a mess, i need to do the dishes and sweep, but i really don`t feel like doing fuck all, i want to curl up in bed with vic and go to sleep eventually.

ps:  i have to thank vic and mefi for making me laugh until tears ran down my face with this gem

i`m still laughing.

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