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January 16, 2004 — Leave a comment

sorry  i couldn`t resist. we have a meeting this afternoon and i already have some ideas about how to temper the campaign while still maintaining my integrity.

this is why i like working here, i get opportunities to flex my talents. the other presentation that i attended this morning went well, i`ve realised i don`t like talking in front of people unless i have something to say. at some point in the meeting i engage and for a brief moment i took over.

i`m realising more and more lately my work seems to have a feel and context outside the caribbean. the look and feel of what i do has a lot to do with typography and text. and i design either consciously or unconsciously on a grid. i like clearly defined elements and lots of white space.

strange i didn`t go to school to learn any of this. that`s right i have no degree in graphic design, actually no degree in anything, i`m pretty much self taught, i always had an eye for colour, but my design sense is something that developed intuitively.

sometime after i started my second full time adverting job i realised that i was drained and uninspired, i managed to wrangle six weeks of no pay leave [which turned out to be the eventual cause of my termination, but that`s another story] during which point i interned at an art gallery in the east village. i spent my days running up and down, learning the city, making copies, busy work pretty much, not a design job anywhere in the experience but when i returned to trinidad, i was rest, rejuvenated and full of good ideas.

i think some of my best work is post travel, i`ve been looking at my portfolio and work lately and i sense of growth. all that said, anyone got £28,000 for two years for me to go to central st. martin`s in london and do a MFA. the primary thing about CSM is qualification in their programme is based on experience and a solid portfolio plus they have a pathway in typography and they`re in vic and i dream city, london.

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