prostitution should be legal

January 27, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`m serious.

prostitution should be legal and taxed. george carlin summed it up best, “fucking is legal, selling is legal, why shouldn`t selling fucking be legal?”

seriously, i think it would help on various levels. in an ideal society, you`d have to be of legal age, get registered, get tested regularly, display your certificates, a simple supply and demand situation.

with the age verification and registration it should help keep anyone underage out of the business. it`s not necessarily going to stop some sexual offenders, but in the case of violent clients, it can be reported and anyone still found trading sex slaves and paying for sex with children, can be lost in the deepest darkest dungeon.

i`m still processing this on a purely emotional level, i suppose it would require some investigation, but i think it`s a viable idea.

we need to start with education however. there are too many hang ups about sexuality.

we need to start with our children, i`m not saying teach them the karma sutra, but we have to get to recognise their bodies without shame or stigma, none of the pee pee and na na, bullshit. teach them about their bodies, how to identify it and what an appropriate touch is.

as they grow older teach about the choices, abstinence is an ideal, but we were all teenagers once, so it would better to equip the with all the facts and try to stop burdening them with guilt.

we need to put aside our own hang ups as well, the systems we have in place now are not working, can it really hurt to try something else?

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