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January 28, 2004 — Leave a comment

today marks the beginning of four days of location photography.

my first photo shoot here starts in about two hours. i`m a little nervous, i`ve never worked with this photographer before, we`re shooting models on location, also new to me.

but this is what i live for, the challenge. the concept is done and approved, this is the execution, the details, making sure everything is the way you want it, all of it has to pull together.

from my limited interaction with the photographer he seems skilled and willing to take instructions. i really hate the know it all ones who ignore your suggestions. but i suppose i use the same argument, you`re the client, i`m the professional, fuck off and let me do my job.

i`m looking forward to the next couple of days. i`m not an adrenaline junkie, per se, but i do enjoy working under pressure and the thrill of the deadline. and this job is going to the wire. after the four days of photography, i have to produce finished art for outdoor material – bus sides, bus backs, billboards, plus newspaper advertising in time for the launch feb 8. tentative approval date for client is a week from today.

i`m not sure why all of this makes me so giddy, if it`s my first campaign here, the general quality of the work, my level of involvement in the project or all of the above. i feel good about it and not that i don`t always give my best, but there`s a little extra effort on my part to make sure that it all comes together on time.

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