i`m still on the presentation high.

we came, we saw and i kicked much fucking ass. the presentation was a resounding success, i reworked the original imagery, changed the font and it was hit.

time for the roll out, photography, location, models, props all that good stuff, for it to be ready in two weeks. i think we`re good to go.

and did i mention i also found time in all of this melee to redesign the cover of one of their magazines and blew them out of the water with that as well. this after the alpha male manager said they didn`t need our help.

that`s why his boss called and asked us to do the work anyway.

i so fucking rock. i feel good. i found my focus today, just need to keep it. i have another project that was back burnered for a while time to bring it back on stream and kick some more ass.

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