fwb, fuck buddies and other misconceptions

January 5, 2004 — Leave a comment

You and a good friend – maybe even your best friend – have gotten, well… closer. So close as to have started having sexual relations. It`s all good… now you have the perfect fuck friend, but is it truly possible to keep the FRIEND part going, and indulge in the FUCK part… or have you just irrepairably changed things-and not neccesarily for the better? If you stop having sex…where does it leave you two?

i haven`t had this problem as an adult, for the simple reason that i`d mostly moved past casual sex and if i were interested in a relationship [sex and all] i would become friends at any rate. i`ve found that it helps when the relationship portion is over, you have a friendship to go back to.

but that`s just me.

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