year end wrap up

December 31, 2003 — Leave a comment

i decided earlier that my contribution to the year end wrap up was to post my ten favourite sites of the year and a couple other top ten lists i found while i waste the day online

The P.U.-Litzer Prizes for 2003

Honouring the stinkiest media performances for the year.

The 2003 Media Follies!

An annual survey of the year`s most overhyped and underreported stories.

JNet`s Top Picks of 2003

A random selection of some of the best, most topical or just plain fun sites for journalists.


the mother of all year end lists. all of them in one places, every single best of, year in review list for 2003 is right here

here`s the top ten websites that i`ve been frequenting throughout the year, in no specific order:

Pussy Ranch

Blog of a Minneapolis-area writer, stripper, and peep show performer and her recent fiancé Jonny.

Dirty Whore Diary

[does this really require an explanation?]

Scarlet Letters

One of the longest-running women-owned, women-run sex-positive webzines on the Net.

Sexy Losers

a series of adult comics

The Joy of Tech


The first great comic strip of the third millennium.


starting point of many a day`s surfing and source of many of the links i provide [thank you, vic.]

Daze Reader

World Sex News Daily

sex news blogs

Group Hug

an anonymous confessional site

if i feel up to it, i`ll post my ten favourite posts for the year later.

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