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December 12, 2003 — Leave a comment

what the fuck?!?!?

cable and wireless jamaica showed up at my apartment yesterday and connected my phone line, that`s all well and good, but they didn`t provide me with a phone. i have to buy a telephone, separately.

what the fuck!

i have mice in my apartment. i saw the little fuckers, scurrying around last night. what the fuck! i put my garbage out everyday, i don`t leave stuff lying around, i wipe down my counters. how the fuck do i have mice? i feel so violated. i need to buy disinfectant and purify my kitchen. [shudder]

this is a good but somewhat old, `what the fuck`. 606 takes?

i`m not in a bad mood, i`m actually pretty relaxed, the first leg of my logo designs got approved, from about 12 we`re down to six, i`m looking forward to working on that today, plus i have two other media projects to work on. i feel good.

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