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December 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`ve been watching a lot of tv.

there is no where to really unpack the books yet and i`ve sworn off the freelance gigs for a while and i have no internet connection at home, all of this means i have lots of free time on my hands.

i have a 100+ channels but find myself watching basically four channels. i`ve turned into a law and order junkie, i really think they should start a L&O network. all L&O, all the time.

i`m also hooked on the first hour of adult swim, at last i have real cable, with cartoon network and not cartoon network LA. i`m catching up on my samurai jack. i`ve always recognised the genius of the show, but now i`m getting nuance, there are all these literary references and night before last there was a scene that borrowed liberally from the dennis sketch in monty python and the holy grail and i was laughing my ass off.

but it`s not just samurai jack; futurama, family guy, jackie chan, even kim possible have all these nuances and subtext and generally i find animated series tend to be better written than most of the sitcom stuff. most sitcoms are an anathema to me.

when it comes to movies, i`m not a snob, but for my television, it has to be well written and the dialogue has to catch me. which is why i`m such a fan of gilmore girls. yes, i admit it, i like gilmore girls and to use an excuse from my youth, i watch it for the dialogue.

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