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December 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

i got my first salary today. it`s not too shabby, not withstanding the outstanding expenses, it`s actually liveable, i think by march i should be able to start squirrelling away some of it.

until recently jamaica didn`t have much of a middle class, you either had or you didn`t. now that somewhat tenuous middle ground exists, the government in debt up to it`s eyeballs, is taxing everything that can be taxed, it`s a wonder there isn`t a tax on sex.

there is a flat rate on personal income tax but almost everything you purchase attracts a 20% general consumption tax.

i`m going to struggle to make it to the next pay day, but i will have groceries in my house to make until then but i`m puzzled how the people on the lower end of the financial spectrum make it. maybe i`m shopping in the wrong places, but the prices on the basic food groups are pretty steep.

when i started there was a point to this post but i had to leave to go to a meeting and i`ve lost my train of though so i`m going to stop here and come back later and edit or post anew

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