the bane of christmas

December 19, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`ve really been trying to find that christmas spirit but it continues to elude me. besides the rampant commercialism, the things that irks me most at this time of year are the same shitty pop songs that surface around november and you`re stuck with until december 26, when is that last time you heard some as spectacular as the carol of the bells or an excerpt of handel`s messiah on the radio. right.

and the icicle lights of griswold family proportions. my god, when your house can be seen from the sky on the flight paths to nearby airports you`ve gone to far. scratch that, when your house is the brightest object in the neighbourhood, you`ve gone to far.

you know the houses, when your neighbours plug in there`s a power dip at your house. and then they leave it on all night. good fucking good. through the closed windows and curtains there is a faint glow like sunrise and you can`t quite doze off because you think you have to get up in a hour, but it`s not the sun, it`s the house covered in icicle lights.

ok, i`m a lot calmer now. i just want this holiday to be over.

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