Are you against “Public Displays of Affection”? Does it bother you to see kissing in public or someone damn near grinding?

If you said NO, would it bother you if the couple were of the same sex?

i`m not against public displays of affection, i`d be a hypocrite if i said i was. when i see vic, i can barely keep my hands off her, but there is a point where the need to find somewhere private becomes an essential. kissing, hand holding, light caresses; all good, humping each other on a dance floor is just plain tacky.

but if being an exhibitionist turns you own, who am i to judge.

as for it being worse if it`s a same sex couple, try changing same sex to inter racial, elderly, jewish, black.

you get my point. excessive behaviour applies to whoever is doing it, it doesn`t make more or less acceptable based on the qualifier and to judge based on that is just wrong.


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