Literally.The million dollar question

December 19, 2003 — Leave a comment

In the day and age of reality T.V. it seems people will do anything for money. But….I wonder about my J.S. buddies. What WOULDN’T you do for a million dollars? ( I understand if this is a long list)

actually my list is so long, it`s easier for me to list what i will do for a million dollars.

work for it. as cheesy as it sounds i think i would be satisfied to know i earned a million dollars, particularly if i was doing what i was good at.

i wouldn`t mind inheriting it.

my moral high ground is pretty much an anthill but it`s got a strong foundation, money is not the be all and end of my existence. it`s an unnecessary evil. i`ve never aspired to be rich, i just want to be comfortable and provide for my family.

at the end of the day, how long will $1,000,000 last and will it really make you happy?

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