the native is restless

November 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m haunted. been this way since last night. stayed up until some ridiculous hour and still managed to get up early. i spent the morning watching more tv, taking a shave, killing a few kittens, creating a list of music i lost, then more tv and now i`m in the office.

i`m edgy, i want to be doing something, but i`m not sure what.

i watched pump up the volume just before i left home. what is it about the female stars of the 80s that was so much more appealing than those of today? why did it seem like the characters had more depth? or is it just me?

i`m going to work on my mother`s annual finance project, hopefully by the time that`s done i`ll be in a better frame of mind.

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