bad man nah and other observations about jamaica.

November 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

today marked one week since i`ve been in jamaica, well 8 days.

and i must say it has been productive, i have an apartment, groceries, cable, a bank account, a mobile phone; still waiting on them to install my home phone; and as of today a tax number, which here makes me officially a person.

i can understand what is being said to me, sometimes with a bit of concentration, most times i pick it up on the first go round, i can`t pick out individual voices at the office but i`m sure that will come eventually.

so all in all, i`m settled, i`m about as happy as i`m going to get here on my own. now for the but and it`s a show stopper. the rampant and readily accepted homophobia. in polite society, showing `tendencies` can get you ostracised, in not so polite society it can mean your death.

which brings me to the first point, there is no middle ground with the masses, either you`re a `bad man` or you`re `chi chi`.

among the things bad men don`t do:

[according to the song]

bleach face, wear drop curls, wash with baby mother underwear

[on a more personal note]

wear sarongs, giggle, go down

there are more and as the days go by my creative director and i joke about the additions to the list.

it`s sad. i mean trinidad wasn`t the paragon of gay rights but most of the time it wouldn`t get you killed. i suppose this too shall pass.

in other news my computer ie the machine that was bought by the office for me to use arrived today and just in time too. the hard drive with my mp3 appeared to be failing and i just managed to copy most of it off. i know i`ve lost some stuff, but i just not sure what yet. it`s not much probably about 1Gb but i`m grateful i still have most of it left.

one more thing, i`d already posted when i recalled this observation. jamaica is home to largest [in both size, shape and variety] collection of bottoms. my god, everyday i go out and there is another stunner, it`s not a matter of not looking there are just there. it is a wonder to behold and at last i know where my genetic inheritance comes from.

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