well that`s not entirely true. it`s just some of the things i want to talk about right now are not quite coherent.

i think it`s the feeling of being in limbo, the production wrapped last night, i don`t have confirmation on my departure for jamaica, so i`m back to having too much time on my hands, which for me means time to think and follow all sorts of nagging doubts down to their worst possible conclusion.

i`m pretty much packed, i`m waiting on a friend to drop off another bag so i can back my books, i have some laundry to do, but i keep putting it off til the last possible minute so i don`t have to pack any dirty clothes to leave with.

i have a theory, one of many, which i`ve aptly named the sisyphus complex. the crux of it is that you have no perspective on the size of the rock you`re pushing up the hill because you`re behind it.

i think i need to get some perspective on what`s going on with me, the loneliness is starting to kick in. which is why i avoid have too much time on my hands, it`s dangerous to my mental health.

i`m going to get detergent to do the wash, hopefully a couple loads of laundry will restore some balance to my life

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