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November 14, 2003 — Leave a comment

i wear sarongs. i wear them with pride [long before david beckham made the fashionable too]. i even got married in one. i`ve said this before, i`m not a fashion plate.

remember `and your mother dresses you funny`? that was me until i started working for my own money. and even then i`ve always been fairly staid. i know what i like and that`s pretty much being comfortable.

apparently i wear clothes well. i`ve had tailors fawn over me, because even with my remarkable posterior, i`m comfortable in whatever i`m put in.

when i was a lot thinner i used to model, actually i did the media association fashion show for the last two years but that`s about it. according to one local designer, they don`t make clothes for fat people. and that pretty much sums it up for my wardrobe. there is very little made locally that i can wear off the rack. i have a tailor here but most of my ready made clothes are from old navy or whoever has a size that fits.

i tend to wear a lot of t-shirts and jeans plus i have a couple of shirts, made of some manmade fabric that i firmly believe if it gets too hot will spontaneously combust.

for the less casual occasions if i can get away with it, i wear a sarong. i think it`s most comfortable thing in my wardrobe. the one i currently i wear as often is the third one that i own.

there is a joy to sarongs, that i think anyone who`s worn a skirt in a tropical clime will understand. i`ve been trying to get a kilt for some time, although in this climate wool would defeat the purpose.

men and skirts seem to be a big thing lately. what`s strange is that i`ve never seen it as a big deal. when i was a wee lad, the minister in my mother`s church was from tonga and went everywhere in a sarong. this made more sense to me, then and now, than our police service removing short pants as part of the uniform and having the special branch in thick wool sweaters.

i`m not a cross dresser [well there was that one time and the polka dot dress, but we wont get into that], i just find kilts and sarongs appealing and comfortable and believe every man should have at least one in his wardrobe. and to answer the question, what do i wear under my sarong?

ask my wife.

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