i`ve been up before sunrise almost every morning this week. i haven`t watched the sunrise but i`ve been aware of its presence.

i`m grateful for another day, i`m still here. the pit is still there, but i no longer feel i`m going to be swallowed by it. i`m grateful for the calls, the emails, the pms, the comments. thank you all.

if i can just a full nights sleep i`ll be so much better.

i`m taking an unimaginative guess that i`m not leaving for jamaica this weekend. an apartment still hasn`t been found, hence no ticket. so i`m here for however long it takes to find an apartment.

in other news, i`m looking for a 400-pound gorilla [always loved that phrase] to remind the people that owe me large sums of money that it`s time to pay up. i`m obviously too nice about it, either that or too easy to ignore.

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