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November 8, 2003 — Leave a comment

i think i`m over the hump, at least for the time being. emotionally i`m not the basket case i was last week, physically i feel terrible. i ache everywhere. i really think i should pay a visit to my doctor.

i know i`m not the most contentious person about my physical well being, but something seems to be wrong on some level, this is not weight gain adjustment pain, it`s not bad posture. i think it`s just old age.

i`ve had the same doctor for most of my life. at one point in my hormonal and turbulent teenage years i wanted a new, male doctor because i had the hots for my doctor. i managed to get over it and she`s still my doctor. she`s seen me through mumps, measles, flus of various teremity, puberty, my first marriage, german measles as an adult, the mother of all stress rashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, the possible onset of hypertension all without excessive medication and the need for a second mortgage.

my doctor so rocks. you would think with all this faith i have in her, i would see her more thank once every [hmmm how long has it been since i`ve a check up?] three years [i think]. well i think, it`s her popularity. going to my doctor is a day trip. no matter what time you get there, there are people to see her and although it`s first come, first serve, she makes exceptions for children and the elderly. i hardly qualify as either and most of time when i do go to see her, i`m not actually ailing, so in terms of visit priority, i`m at the bottom of the list.

seeing that i`m self employed, well chock full of free time at least, i should try to get that check up before i leave.

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