sexy soccer mom

October 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

vic and the boy chick are off playing soccer [or football as i know it] and i find the thought of her being a soccer mom, very arousing.

it`s one of the things about victoria that appeals to me. she`s multifaceted. she`s not just one thing. she`s a mother, my lover, my wife, a friend, our accountant, a healer and all of these things she does exceptionally well.

the power and ease with which she does all these things are truly an aphrodisiac. the wanton, lascivious woman who makes me scream out her names, is the same woman i`m honoured to co-parent with, is the woman i can just on the couch and read with. she is all of these things, separately and together it makes her the woman i married.

what more can i ask for. i`m proud, honoured and blessed to have vic in my life.

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