i swear to god

October 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

that aohell and microsloth are conspiring with the spammers.

i got an aohell account three years ago when i started travelling. i needed something that i could use to dialup anywhere, it`s a full account, so i added my mother and my daughters to the account.

i do web support for my clients, i had a tech column for a while, so i know the rules about spam and how it works. my mother and daughter`s email addresses are only know to me, it`s not online, i don`t cc people and the names aren`t easily reproducable.

then why for the fucking love of god are there 30 or 40 messages in each account. i don`t get it. i have a yahoo account that i use for signing up for crap online and that filters out most of the shit.

the other account i use to sign up for stuff online gets less spam. so i have to believe aohell is in cohorts with the spammers. let`s not even talk about msn, i signed up for an account, i didn`t accept any of the news letters, nothing. within two days, there`s spam showing up in the account. i have other hotmail accounts that predate the microsloth acquisition, once in a blue moon, the odd email shows up.

but the new accounts, a constant deluge of fucking junk.

i don`t need my penis any bigger, i don`t need breasts, bigger or otherwise. i`m not losing my hair and i don`t have uncontrolled credit card debt.

i just needed to get that off my chest. there are a lot of things that are irritating me right now, this is just the most accessible. i can focus on it and i can find a logical solution to it. everything else is so out of my hands and so out of control, there`s just no point fighting anymore.

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