the joys of liquid crack

September 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

i love coke, not pepsi, definitely not pepsi, blue, green or other-fucking-wise [there is a difference] not dr. pepper, not rc cola. coca-cola. and none of this flavoured shit either. pure unadulterated coca-cola classic.

there was a point where i would drink six in a day. it`s a wonder i still have teeth in my mouth.

even so. my love of liquid crack has it`s bounds. i only like the taste of it in glass bottles, cans and fountains. and the fountain drinks too have to be mixed properly.

on my second london trip my internal clock was screwed and for two months i couldn`t get to sleep before 5am and because there was a skylight in the room i was in, i would be up by 7am as what little sunlight there was crawled its way into the room. by mid-afternoon, i would be crashing and unable to function.

about this time i turned to my friend and companion liquid crack. i would get a six pack and two twix bars. once i`d ingested all that sugar i`d be good to go for the rest of the day, until the cycle started anew.

when i came back to trinidad i cut back on my daily consumption, only using it a chaser. jd & coke, elixir of the gods.

lately my consumption of liquid crack has been limited but as the sleepless nights escalate, i foresee my falling prey to that old siren song

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