the joys of driving

September 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

i like to drive. i really learned to drive from my mother. when i was growing up we owned a mini and she drove that thing like it was formula one car. i learned about drafting from my mother. my mother would find a bus or truck have it pull us along for and bit the catapult from behind it and away we would go.

trinidad is fairly small and in those days safe enough for a woman and her son to go driving about at random, every sunday, we would pick a direction and go for a drive. the philosophy behind it being, the road had to come out somewhere. and if i didn`t we`d just go back the way we came. in how many years of doing that i don`t think we ever backtracked. i`m not sure if i inherited it from my mother or it was just my presence in the car.

there is a common joke among my close friends that i sold my soul for parking and a sense of direction. it`s damn near impossible for me to get lost. i just seem to know what direction to go in to get to where i need to be.

as for the parking, i think i sealed it with my ex-wife, one christmas eve we went to the mall and i got the parking spot next to the door, just pulled up and there it was.

i can drive anywhere. just put me in a vehicle and i`m fairly comfortable. i think i drove vic`s car the first or second day i was there. [another reason i love vic, she drove stick, a woman after my own heart] side of the road doesn`t matter to me. good tunes, i`ll drive to the ends of the earth.

last time i was in london, i drove from london to dover, took the ferry and then drove to dortmund in germany.through three countries and finally i can say i drove on the autobahn, but it was in a family sedan and when i got an opportunity to drive a bmw on the road, it was with my friend`s mother in the passenger seat, so i had to behave.

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