taking charge

September 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

my employer wants to be me more responsible in the office. the take charge, go to, guy.

i can`t say i`m not that sort of person, but i`m singularly uninspired to do so at my office. what am i doing in taking charge in my own life. on monday i applied for a job in jamaica, that i`m highly qualified for. yes, my years of experience, my multiple skills do count for something. i got a fairly positive vibe as well, which in turn has given me the ego boost i need to get through this week.

you should be careful what you wish for, i asked for pain and now i`ve got a wisdom tooth bugging the hell out of me. not at all fun, i should have specified.

i`m going to be specific now, i want this job. i want it so badly i can taste it.

why? it seems like a challenge and the firm has a good reputation. jamaica is a non-stop flight from atlanta, which means i can see vic a lot more frequently.

there are a couple of cons – the cost of living, the crime situation. i`m living on less money here that i have in a long time, i think i can find a budget that works and i`m already living somewhere with a crime situation that`s getting out of hand.

i want this job and i want your help, those of you that do, pray for me to get this job, those of you that don`t, send something positive my way for this job. thanks.

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