resignation letter take one

September 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m not sure how soon i`m going to be handing it in, but i`ve begun drafting my resignation letter. i really should not be writing it now, with the blood pounding in my ears, but i`m fuming.

i`m not going to go over the details now, but let`s just leave it at, my boss is behaving like a 7 year old. she`s not talking to me and i think she`s deliberately vetoed all the decisions i made on a client presentation this morning, less than 30 minutes before the client was due.

here is the first draft:

I’m unable to continue working for yourself and [employer name here]. I am dissatisfied with my current remuneration, especially in light of the levels of responsibility expected of me.

I also find it difficult to work with you personally, I find you insipid and pretentious and work for you has been an exercise in self control therefore I hereby tender my resignation effective immediately.

i need to not write this when i`m so pissed. i`ve destroyed too many bridges in this industry and most of them are based on letters i`ve written when i`m angry.

pause. i just finished reading a friends journal and i`ve realised my problems are pointless and insignificant, well not quite. but totally within my power to change.

i`m not putting up with this any longer. i am going to resign, i am going to find a better job and i`m going to pray like i`ve never prayed before for my friend.

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