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September 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

i was just talking to vic about a list of actors who i would not mind ever seeing on screen [big or small] ever again and it got me to thinking. is there a definitive list of rich and [in]famous people who should just fuck off from our consciousness?

actually it doesn`t matter if there is, i have my own list and i boldy offer it to you. bearing in mind this is a first draft and i`ll add to the list as names come to me, not to mention the cruel thoughts as well.

john travolta, nicholas cage, tom cruise, tom hanks, mel gibson, ben affleck, jennifer lopez get out of the movie making business. don`t act, don`t produce, don`t direct, don`t do fuck all, but stay home and spend your fucking money.

close contenders in the hollywood category include samuel l. jackson and colin farrell. i mean has there been a movie in the last year that these two fuckers haven`t been in. there is such a thing as over exposure.

in the music category, i`m going to give the easy targets a miss, you know who they are and i know who they are and focus my loathing and rage at bands like metallica, the rolling stones, sting, paul fucking mccartney, michael `you can`t have to pay off that many boys` jackson. you all have more money than god, fuck off and leave us alone. the rolling stones in particular, i`m sure all of them have grandchildren, great-grand even, stay home with them, we do not need to see you tired wrinkly asses on tour anymore. have you not heard of growing old gracefully?

whew. i enjoyed that. i feel i`m going to be revisiting this topic frequently.

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