i didn`t even maim her. she`s not worth going to jail over.

actually my thinking behind stabbing her in the eye with a sharpie is that she`d die of embarrassment, i did manage to finish all of the stuff, although that`s partially because fedex, never showed. i came home read a few journals, generally passed the evening idly.

the power just went out and it`s amazing how much quieter it`s gotten and how bright it is outside, the moon is up so it`s pretty nice out.

the heat however is unbearable. unlike our brethren further north, most of us [well at least my age] in this country have grown up with power outages and brown outs.

i remember there was a whole school year where my mother would iron my uniforms in the office, because there wasn`t likely to be any electricity when we got home.  i think i was about eight or nine, i was still in primary school, that much i know and we would leave the office and come home to total darkness. we would sit by lamp light and eat dinner and play scrabble and then go to bed early. there would be power in the morning when were leaving home, but somehow it didn`t actually matter in the daylight.

it`s rather interesting to sit here in the darkness, the room lit only by the display of the laptop reminiscing about my childhood, while enjoying the advances of technology and practising my touch typing.

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