personal hell #46

September 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

i did nothing all day today. well work wise, nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada, squat. the great satan did not grace us with her presence again and we were thrilled. those that had work were productive and i did nothing.

i talked to vic, i played around on the computer, but in terms of work nothing.

now why is this my personal hell? i`m afraid days like this always catch up to you. you`ll be praying for an extra 2 minutes to finish after a 36 hours day and you wont have it because of days like today.

compounding this is personal hell #12.

i have $66 to get me through the weekend. that`s at least three meals and travelling this weekend. that`s damn near impossible, i`ve been trying to remain calm about it and not panic, but here i am at 5pm on a friday afternoon with pittance in my pockets. what`s always depressing about this is people owe me money.

welcome to my personal hell

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