low tolerance for shit

September 12, 2003 — Leave a comment

in one of the many conversations that i seem to be having with my boss since my resignation, she asked me why i have such a low tolerance for shit.

now that`s an odd question, i would think most people would have a low tolerance for shit. must just be me, but i think if my tolerance level for shit is so low, because i tend to be a pretty open minded person otherwise.

i try to avoid stereotyping people. i`m accepting of people unless they`re stupid. that is my personal beef.

stupid for me is people unwilling to learn any better, unwilling to ask questions if they don`t know.

but i digress or do i? i don`t understand homophobia, racism, anti-abortion activists and organised religions but i`m willing to accept, that for humanity to progress, there will be people will opposing views. i`m will to listen and try to understand your argument. it doesn`t meant i accept it, but i`m willing to learn what i can about you and from you.

so with all this acceptance, i should think, i could let shit slide but generally i can`t.

that`s just how i`m built.

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