fun with words

September 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

today has just been too weird. but thanks to my love, i have some lovely distractions.

fun words

two of my favourites:

callipygian one having shapely buttocks.

cataglottism kissing with the tongue.

word oddities

and the tremendously funny dialectizer

for the sake of my own amusement, here is my last post in redneck:

whuffo“d i need t`post sumpin like this hyar twice?    

contrary t`th` rumours, i is not kin` cock.  Shet mah mouth! not even prince o` nobleman cock.  

Shet mah mouth!  

fo` th` second time in less thet a year six months four months, i hafta defend mah honour an` virtue.    

no fuckin`, no suckin`, no kissin`, no intimate corntack. nothin`, nada, zero, zilch.    

i didn`t does it. it warn`t me.    

an` no i doesn`t protess too much.    

i doesn`t knows whut th` fuck is gwine on but i`d appreesheeate all th` fantasies about sexual relashuns not include me unless yer married up wif t`me.    

thank yo` an` fine night.

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