treating myself

August 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

there was no lunch today, but i did get an opportunity to spend $75K of imaginary money equipping an imaginary office. in that spirit, i`m treating myself to dinner. i got paid today, small and insignificant, there is no way i staying on here for anything less than double my current take home.

before you call me a greedy motherfucker, bear in mind, i was making more than this when i left my first agency job more than what i`m taking home now. on a good weekend i can make my gross salary on a project.

what do i have this job again?

nevermind, i made a promise i`d treat myself once a month, tiny salary or not. tonight i`m going to dinner, i wanted something exciting to eat tonight, i`m going to have it.

i`ll be back later.

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